365 Days of Botany: Day 1

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Ah! I'm kind of excited and kind of nervous to post this, but here goes... Today is the first day of the 365 project I'm going to be working on! I've considered doing a 365 project many times before, but it just feels like the right time. I just finished a surface design course that I was taking online, and I want some kind of habitual project to work on to keep me making art regularly.

The concept for the project, 365 Days of Botany, is to post a daily work that is representative of a plant, flower, or tree, in any medium. The reason I chose a topic to focus on, rather than a medium (like drawing a day or photo a day), is because I am still really enjoying discovering different types of art, mediums to work with, and styles of drawing/painting/etc. I want to keep exploring different styles, rather than limit myself too much initially, and maybe even find "my" style. Every day will be a surprise - drawings, paintings, photographs, poems (?)... only time will tell.

I plan to post a new work every day, but will allow myself to work ahead if I like, so that when I'm feeling less well I can still try and post on schedule. And for the record, I'm going to be forgiving with myself on the "schedule" when my health necessitates that I rest. All the posts will be right here, on this blog (westendgirl.ca). 

I'm starting today, on the first day of summer, because I think it'll be great to work on through the seasons from now, to the end of next spring. This past year has been crazy and difficult, but also extremely important, even necessary. I'm learning how to honour my needs and be true to myself. I'm learning why I've always felt like things weren't quite right... (apparently it has to do with repression and denial - I've been reading a lot of Cheri Huber to help make sense of this, very recommended!). So much has changed, especially in the past four months - there is no going back. I'm very curious to see how the next year unfolds.

Hostas (digital design)

For Day 1, I want to share with you what I've been working on as my final design for the design course. It's a hosta design that I initially drew with pencil on paper, then converted to a digital version (with a quick photo of the drawing) and using a Wacom tablet and pen. I then used the tablet and pen to "paint" in lines and experiment with colours. I did this orange version (which I've been working on attempting to make into a repeat pattern - this is just a section of it), and also a green and blue version that I submitted to the course's final showcase (which hopefully it will be accepted into - I'm not sure if they all are by default), and you'll be able to see it soon either way, if they don't post it I will!

It was a TON of work doing all the digital work with the tablet and pen, but I am really pleased with the effect, especially considering it was my first time working like this! I've been considering getting this design printed on fabric to make scaves or pillows with, if you think you'd be interested in such a thing, let me know!


Update: here's the green too!


Happy Solstice everyone, and see you back here tomorrow!