10 Intentions for 2010

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I waffled back and forth on whether to even make intentions for this coming year (and then whether to publish them anywhere). I had been practicing existing without having a plan, and just seeing where life takes me. Thing is, having ended up in a place I didn't expect, I never really thought about where my current self could go. It's all fine and good seeing where things go, but I don't like just letting life happen to me, I want to make the life I want a reality. And so, it becomes time to think about what that means. It's fine if these intentions aren't fulfilled, there is no failure, there is only learning and doing better next time.

1. Cease to act based on fear. Go on the offensive in all aspects of life.

2. Remember how to hope, how to be ambitious. (And know that it doesn't jinx me, creating expectations that can't be met.)


3. Be truly kind and compassionate to myself.

4. Cultivate and maintain inner peace. Don't sweat the small stuff.

The street I've known my whole life

5. Set some longer term intentions related to career.

6. Find a place to live where I really feel like home. (And not let this hinge on another person's involvement.)

Cold feets

7. Stop rushing. "Take it easy. Enjoy your life."

8. Be a leader. Be a mentor. Keep learning. Be awesome.


9. Spend more casual, spontaneous, unstructured time with loved ones. (We are all too busy.)

10. Remember how to let myself fall in love, and be loved in return.


While we're here
let's see what happens,
what we got to lose?
While the tidal
and flexed on a full moon,
it'd be a sure shame to not to.
Do it for England.
Do it for love.
Do it for us.
Do it for goodness sake.
Do it for all the time we wished we had.
Do what you want,
just how you like,
nobody has to know.
- Imogene Heap "Tidal"